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How To Attract More Traffic To Your Website


How To Attract More Traffic To Your Website

Increasing the number of visitors to your website is an important part of growth for many businesses. More traffic boosts your chances of getting a sale or enquiry, which is a common goal for business owners and marketers.  

However, sometimes it can seem impossible to increase traffic and – more importantly – attract your ideal customer to your site.  

In this short guide, we’re giving away our top tips on how to get more visitors coming to your website.  

Give Google a reason to rank your page.  

Creating an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy for your business is essential if you want your website to appear on your customers’ search results pages.  

There are different ways to improve your SEO, including on-page SEOtechnical SEO and off-page SEO through link building.   

We actually created a guide on building an SEO strategy, so do check that out after reading this blog.  

Give people a reason to land on your page.  

SEO isn’t all about pleasing search engines and machines – your website also needs to appeal to your real-life customers. 

Build content around your customers’ key questions, problems and pain points and give them a reason to click through to your site and take a look.  

You can use these SEO tools to create a list of common questions, searches and keywords.  

Give customers a reason to stay on your site.  

Bad user experience – whether it’s slow-loading pages, illogical navigation or things just not working smoothly – can put people off staying on and returning to your site.  

Think about it: there must have been a time when you’ve frustratingly closed a website because it’s been too slow or confusing.  

When it comes to your website’s navigation, it’s crucial to keep things simple and straightforward.  

Overcomplicated designs and user journeys only confuse your customer and prevent them from reaching their end goal.  

Here are some ways in which you can improve your website’s usability: 

Bring people to your website with good content. 

We’ve already mentioned creating good quality content that directly answers your customers’ queries. But how about going one step further and using social media to share your content with those who need it? 

Get involved in communities and conversations in your niche – whether it’s fitness or fishing – there’s pretty much a space on the internet that’s talking about it. Take a look at Facebook groups, forums, subreddits, Q+A sites, Twitter threads and comment sections of videos. 

If someone asks a question about a topic in your industry – direct them to a blog post or guide that you’ve written on that topic.  

You can also use this method to come up with new topics for your blog and website content.  

It doesn’t stop at more traffic.  

Boosting your website traffic is one thing, but there are more analytics you should be taking note of too.  

How many people are converting into customers? 

How long are people spending on your site? 

How could areas of your website be improved to get visitors buying from you?  

You can begin to figure this out by checking in regularly with your website analytics and carrying out testing to see what works best for your audience 

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