Supercharging a sim racing platform from MVP to acquisition


Supercharging a sim racing platform from MVP to acquisition


Grid Finder is fast becoming the ultimate online racing platform and is already home to over 3,000 sim racing leagues, 6,000 racers and 1,000 league managers. The platform allows gamers to discover, join and create new racing leagues.

The vision is for Grid Finder to become the go-to space for racers and league managers to connect with livery designers, commentators and broadcasters.


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New users on the platform

Our Challenge

A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of Grid Finder was developed by the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and Chief Product Officer (CPO) in 2022 – an extensive database of in-game data, organisational data and personal data. 

The primary challenge was making this vast and complex dataset useable to a diverse range of users.

The Grid Finder team was looking for a creative with UX and UI know-how combined with a true understanding of the sim racing world and its audience.  The new platform needed to be effortless to use, beautiful to look at and scalable for future growth. 

Outcome Overview

“Matt has converted our concept, vision and tech to a fully-fledged product with a beautiful visual interface, making it useable and accessible to all.”

– Tom Bunten, Founder of Grid Finder.

Mattix Design has designed the UI and UX for a complex community management platform, transforming a multifaceted database into a gamified space that’s enjoyable and fun to use. 

Racers can quickly filter, discover and join new leagues in just a few taps. At a glance, they can discover key details about each league, including the game, platform, member numbers, events, region and car class. 

The league manager dashboard saves hours for those creating leagues, recruiting drivers, managing multi-race calendars and tracking results.

Meanwhile, the creator profiles for livery drivers, commentators and broadcasters enable fans of the game to take their hobby to the next level and gain exposure in this thriving community. 

Utilising a scalable design system, over 400 screens have been designed by the Mattix Design team to support a wide variety of actions and user flows for Grid Finder’s numerous stakeholders.

Scalable, future-proof design

Mattix Design has crafted a fully scalable Design System for Grid Finder, which includes a defined typography scale, colour palette, grid system, suite of icons and components. 

The focus on scalability has been vital to the success and speed with which the Grid Finder team can design and develop new pages and features for the product. 

Thanks to this approach, Grid Finder can grow the platform efficiently, with cohesive and consistent design, as its audience inevitably grows and new features are required. 

“Matt’s talent is not solely design, he has an incredible eye for UX, designing user flows, building a brand that users can ‘feel’ and displaying complex data easily and efficiently.”

Tom Bunten, Founder & CEO of Grid Finder

From MVP to acquisition.

All this has led to Grid Finder’s multi-million pound acquisition deal to RAFA Racing Club in just three years. The Grid Finder team plans to scale the platform throughout the new year, providing more tools for sim racers, league managers and creators. In addition, the team will become pivotal in building tech capability across the whole of the RAFA family of brands.

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