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DIY vs Professional: Why hire a web design agency?


DIY vs Professional: Why hire a web design agency?

Nowadays, there are so many options out there when it comes to creating your own website with little experience or skill required.

Many solutions, such as WordPress, Squarespace and Wix, offer businesses and individuals the chance to quickly put together pages at the fraction of the cost that a web design agency or developer would charge.
However, as tempting as it may be to DIY your own site (especially when you’re on a startup budget), it’s wise to consider the value that a web design company could provide your business.
We’ve rounded up some of the core advantages of getting the professionals in when it comes to your digital identity.

High-quality visuals.

Designers possess the much-needed experience, knowledge and tools to be able to produce an online identity that best represents your company, whilst aligning with your vision and mission. Like with anything in life, you really do get what you pay for when it comes to this kind of work. For a professional-looking site, choose a professional designer.

Increased functionality.

Whilst free and low-cost templates give you some of the basic features of a website, a lot of them cannot support more complex elements and plug-ins. By opting for a bespoke design, you can tailor your website to suit the needs of you and your customers.

Completely customisable.

Free templates rarely give you the opportunity to completely customise the look and feel of your website. This can result in two main problems:
1) You won’t be able to change the fonts and colours to fit in with your branding.
2) Your website looks awfully similar to several other sites that have used the same free template.
At Mattix, we avoid templates and only design new ones from scratch for each of our clients.

Responsive and reliable.

A website that is responsive on all devices is becoming increasingly important, especially in an age where most people access information via their mobile phones and tablets. Pre-built solutions are often outdated and frequently glitch when viewed on mobile, or at least make it difficult for users to navigate the site. This brings us to our next point…


A good designer takes into account both User Interface and User Experience. This essentially means that they make an effort to ensure your site not only looks good but also works in the most functional and simplistic way.

Search Engine Optimised.

Naturally, with more options to adapt and change every feature and functionality, you can also up your SEO game with ease. Free templates only go so far to allow you to optimise your website for search engines (like Google) and improve your ranking.

Creative thinking.

Designers are fully immersed in the creative world. It’s their jobs to think differently and keep up to date with the latest trends in their industry. By having them on board, you can get an insight into the way that they work and access ideas that you may have never even thought about.

A holistic service.

A web design agency usually has people on hand who can not only build and design your site but also advise and craft the other stuff like content, copy and imagery. Instead of sourcing these professionals yourself, you can leave it in the hands of the agency to manage whilst you focus on your business.

Ongoing support.

If you build a successful relationship with a designer, they will be able to grasp the ins and outs of your organisation and the way you work. This certainly serves you better in the long run, for when you need additional materials, such as business cards, stationery or print media. They can usually support you with things like overall brand identity and rollout too.

Value for money.

Whilst the initial outlay of a custom-made website may tot up to be a lot more than a DIY solution, you should view the expense as an investment into your business and its future.

Expertise and knowledge.

By consulting with a professional designer, you can take advantage of their expertise and knowledge. At Mattix, we take a deep dive into your business, getting to grips with your overarching goals and what you want to achieve. After this, we can combine this with our wealth of experience to build a website that fully caters to your customers’ evolving needs.
If you would like to find out more about bespoke web design, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
In the meantime, why not check out our portfolio?