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Web Design: Bespoke to Your Brand or a Ready-Made Template?


Web Design: Bespoke to Your Brand or a Ready-Made Template?

Nowadays, a strong web presence is essential for any business.

We like to think of websites as virtual shop fronts. It’s the first thing potential customers see when discovering your brand online. If it looks messy and unprofessional – or identical to the other stores on the street – the chances are your customers are going to walk on by and not stick around to find out more.

Whilst ready-made website templates are a quick, affordable and simple way to set up a professional-looking page online, it is worth considering investing in a web design that is bespoke to your business needs.

Below, we explain the reasons why you should opt for unique web design over a free or cost-effective template.

Tailored to you.

Whilst pre-designed templates boast some customisable features, such as font colour and size, they are rarely fully adaptable to the point that they seamlessly fit in with your organisation’s branding.

With a design crafted from scratch, you can ensure that not only the visuals but the functionality is completely bespoke to your company and your customers’ needs.


Well-seasoned users of the internet see the same layouts for business websites time and time again, embellished with repeated stock images of staged meetings and handshakes.

You all know the ones we’re talking about, right?

By opting for a tailor-made site, you can move away from this trend and make your customers’ experiences a lot more interesting and engaging.

Stand out in your industry.

This nicely leads us to our next point. We like to buck the trend when it comes to traditional sectors.

Why have a website that looks exactly the same as your competitors when you can wow your audience with something more special?

There are well over one billion websites (1,584,940,345 to be exact) and users can easily be turned-off or become bored by seeing the same old thing. So, be sure that your amazing organisation doesn’t get lost in the great sea of websites that happen to have chosen the same free template as you.

Responsive and reliable.

Despite a lot of web templates becoming increasingly mobile-friendly and responsive on the most common devices, it’s inevitable that some pre-made layouts are going to fall behind as technology rapidly changes.

By working with a designer and web developer, you get to access their in-depth knowledge, as well as experience cutting-edge functionality for your site.

Professionals can advise you on what tools and features you should incorporate to ensure that your customers can navigate your digital space with ease.

You are in full control.

Owning a website that is completely moulded to your business and brand means that you have the power to make appropriate tweaks in the future as your organisation grows and expands.

Meanwhile, as your business and the digital sphere inevitably shift, you have a team of experts on hand to support you with any website changes you may need to make in the future.

Want to find out more about unique web design? Get in touch with a member of the Mattix Design Ltd team today.