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How To Get Everyone Onboard With Your Rebrand


How To Get Everyone Onboard With Your Rebrand

Revealing a rebrand is exciting.

You’re excited, and you’ve invested a lot of money and time into making this work.

So it’s only natural that you want your customers to love your new look and feel as much as you do.

We’ve rounded up a few tips to help you get everyone on board with your new brand.

Prepare and plan.

It’s a cliche, but it’s oversaid for a reason: fail to prepare and prepare to fail.

Planning ahead is essential for any rebrand rollout.

From the moment you start thinking about a rebrand, you need to think of the legwork you’ll have to put in to get everyone (your customers and team) fully involved.

It’s not just about swapping out some colours and slapping your new logo on everything. But, the sheer logistics of a brand change alone can be a huge task to take on, whether it’s a whole overhaul or a simple refresh of your brand materials.

Make a list of all of your internal and external touchpoints that need updating during the big brand reveal.

Here are just a few examples: printed stationery and documentation, business cards, financial documents and invoices, signage, email signatures, email addresses, your domain name, site title, site logo, brand style guide and assets, online promotional materials, social media profile images and headers, bios, hashtags and handles. The list goes on…

Organise an internal launch.

Before you reveal anything externally, share your new brand with the rest of your team.

Get them excited and behind the brand from the get-go, by involving them in the process, listening to any feedback and hearing their ideas.

Each member of your team should understand and believe your brand’s story, as well as why you’ve rebranded in the first place.

Make it interesting and think outside the box. For example, you could organise a series of fun activities about your new brand to get everyone on the same page.

Watch Airbnb reveal of its Bélo logo. See how it tells a fascinating story?

The big moment.

Now, it’s time to unveil your new brand to your customers.

Again, preparation beforehand is needed to make sure this is as slick as possible.

Your new brand should shine through every piece of content you put out, whether it’s a video, press release or case study.

Just take a look at how Slack unveiled its new logo earlier this year.

Think before you rebrand.

Avoid jumping straight into creating a new brand for your business, without taking a closer look at some of the problems you’re trying to solve.

Just think about what happened when juice brand Tropicana rebranded. The $35 million spent on ad campaigns (that’s without the cost of repackaging), was wasted when the company saw a 20% drop in sales within two months.

Rebranding without a purpose can alienate your existing customer base and be a complete waste of time and effort. We’ve written a blog post about questions you should ask yourself before you rebrand. You should also take a look at our article on creating a brand your customers will love.

We believe that, if you have a real reason – a real story even – behind your rebrand, people will listen.

If your rebrand is authentic and meaningful, it’s going to be a lot easier to convince your team, customers and potential clients to buy into it and love it.

Are you thinking of rebranding? Get in touch with a member of our team right now.