Talent Pool: Tom Hurt & TH3 – Web Development & PPC

Talent Pool: Tom Hurt & TH3 – Web Development & PPC

We collaborate with freelancers and other agencies to help scale our capabilities and provide a well-rounded service for our clients. 

From SEO specialists and social media marketers to copywriters and animators, we have steadily built up a network of brilliant, like-minded people that we regularly work with to deliver projects for our clients.

Tom Hurt and his agency TH3 Design is one example of some of the fantastic businesses we partner with. 

Specialising in designing for User Experience (UX), User Interfaces (UI) and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), Tom supports Mattix with web development, optimisation and PPC. 

“I worked in commercial design for 15 years, where I started my career as a graphic designer. This evolved into digital design, and I was fortunate enough to have a brilliant mentor, who specialised in UX and UI and had previously worked with internationally renowned companies on their digital products,” Tom tells us. 

“Since then, I have grown TH3 Design to become a multi-disciplinary design agency, helping businesses turn clicks into customers.”

We first met Tom as members of the C4DI community in Hull and quickly realised we share similar values and approaches to work, especially when it comes to collaboration. 

“I believe in the power of surrounding yourself with other creative people. When I collaborate with Matt from Mattix Design, I’m able to bounce ideas and build a really solid concept for the client,” Tom adds. 

“It’s great because we’re both experienced in what we do, and by working together, we’re able to create a powerful product for the customer,” 

In 2018, Tom and Matt launched Design Meetup, a regular free event to bring designers together, share knowledge and grow through the value of design. 

Before the rules on social distancing, the sell-out event hosted a range of expert talks, interviews and panel discussions and brought together creatives from a wide range of disciplines. 

“We came up with the idea for Design Meetup as Matt and I are both passionate about bringing designers together to share knowledge and learn new things.”

This approach to skill-sharing and collaboration underpins Mattix and TH3’s working relationship. 

“Traditionally, Matt and I would be competitors, but we’re stronger together. Sharing our skills and expertise enables us to create outstanding work for our clients.” 

If you would like to find out more about Tom and his work, please visit www.th3design.co.uk. Meanwhile, see who else we work with here.