Talent Pool: Tim Goodfellow, Copywriter

Talent Pool: Tim Goodfellow, Copywriter

Collaboration allows us to provide a more well-rounded service for our customers, supporting them in all aspects of design and branding. By working in this way, we are more flexible, creative and dynamic for our clients.

We love working with other talented individuals and businesses; it enables us to hand-pick the right people for each of our projects, ensuring that the team has the very best skills and experience for the job.  

Tim Goodfellow

Tim Goodfellow is a freelance copywriter and regularly works with us to create website content for clients, delivering that all-important copy to go with our design.

“I use words to communicate what businesses and brands do and sell and why people should buy from them,” he says. 

“The way a business speaks online is essential for building trust and likeability.” 

Tim also believes in the power of collaboration: 

“When you bring together individuals who specialise in different skills, you’re giving a client the best possible service.”

And, this is exactly why we work with Tim. 

With Tim’s excellent wordsmithing, we can help our clients uncover their true value and communicate it to their customers effectively. 

“My top copywriting tip is to write how you speak,” Tim tells us.

“Businesses who rely on corporate-speak and business jargon are living in fantasy land. People connect with people and the more trustworthy and real you can appear, the more likely it is that potential customers are going to gravitate towards your business.”

Tim is also an avid reader, believing reading is writer fuel and that every writer should read broadly and often. 

“For freelancers, like myself, it’s also a privilege to be able to regularly work with other people in the industry as you would in an in-house role. For so many freelancers it can be a lonely ride,” he adds. 

“I love working with Mattix Design. Matt makes my copy look good. There’s no denying that good design brings out the best in copy and Matt is a brilliant designer. Putting a portfolio together is much easier when the design that surrounds that copy stands out.” 

If you would like to find out more about Tim and his work, please visit www.timgoodfellow.co.uk. Meanwhile, see who else we work with here.