Talent Pool: Neil Gibson, Designer

Talent Pool: Neil Gibson, Designer

Collaborating with freelancers and other businesses enables Mattix Design to scale up our capabilities and serve our clients with a more holistic service.

We love working with other talented people on different projects and frequently partner up with other designers who we know are perfect for specific projects and clients.

From SEO specialists and social media marketers to copywriters and animators, we have steadily built up a network of brilliant, like-minded people who we regularly connect with to deliver projects for our clients.

Neil Gibson is a freelance designer, who specialises in brand identity, web design and design for print. We have worked with Neil on a number of projects since meeting him through Hull’s Centre For Digital Innovation (C4DI), where we are both members.

Neil Gibson and Matt WildboreBeing a member of C4DI has allowed us to expand our network and collaborate with freelancers just like Neil, and many people within the community share our values when it comes to working together to create something special:

“Collaborating with other designers like Matt is fantastic because you get a different perspective or angle on a project that you may not have already considered,” Neil tells us.

“Most designers have their niche area and tapping into their knowledge and swapping insights can be a great benefit.”

We have worked with Neil on various projects, including creating brand identities for clients, designing websites and crafting printed marketing materials.

“My top tips for any business hiring a designer is to work with them on a good brief and listen to their advice. In most cases, there will be a reason why they have done things a certain way, so trust them and it will save you time and money later down the line,” Neil says.

Building great relationships with people is key to collaborating successfully. It’s not just about simply outsourcing work to strangers, as we mentioned in this blog post.

“Freelancing can be a lonely place sometimes, and being able to link up with like-minded individuals makes it much more enjoyable,” Neil adds.

“Working with Matt is so easy, because you get a clear understanding of what is required from the project prior to commencing the work. And, having a well-respected, reliable designer with similar values just across the office is a big bonus.”

If you would like to find out more about Neil and his work, please visit www.ngdesign.co.uk. Meanwhile, see who else we work with here.