Talent pool: Matt Johnson, Social Media Marketer

Talent pool: Matt Johnson, Social Media Marketer

Collaborating with other professionals from a variety of different industries is at the heart of what we do. 

We love working with other talented individuals and businesses, whether it’s a software developer or team of marketing experts. 

This approach allows us to provide a more well-rounded service for our customers, supporting them in all aspects of design and branding. Meanwhile, we’ve found that by working in this way, we have the ability to be more flexible, creative and dynamic for our clients. 

As we’ve mentioned before, we hand-pick the right people for each of our projects, ensuring that the team has the very best skills and experience for the job.  

Matt Johnson, a freelance social media marketer, is one of these individuals. 

Matt helps brands grow through social media and is currently working with Mattix Design to see how we can use Twitter and Linkedin to better communicate our key messages. 

“Whatever a client’s social media needs, I can help them execute against their goals; whether it’s strategy, management, training, advertising or audits – there’s a solution to fit every situation,” Matt tells us. 


We love to work with individuals and businesses who understand and share our values. Matt is another example of a freelancer who truly gets what we’re about and why we do what we do: 

“Collaboration amongst small businesses allows you to tap into the specialist knowledge held by each of the businesses involved in a cost-effective manner.” 

Now, we’re harnessing Matt’s knowledge to not only improve our own social media presence but also share insights with our clients; many of whom are small to medium businesses, just like us, who can all use platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to grow their audience and expand their reach. 

Matt Wildbore and Matt Johnson

“I have three top tips for anyone using social media for their business,” Matt explains.

“Plan, be consistent and sell less. 

“1. Plan – Many people get lost in the day-to-day running of their business, which is understandable. But, by spending time planning your content in advance, you know there will always be something going out.

“2. Be consistent – Pick a few key messages you want to communicate to your audience. Once you have these, make sure anything you post can be linked back to one or more of them.

“3. Sell less – Ask yourself why people would want to follow your accounts. Do they want to hear you sell your products? Probably not. Instead, try to provide informative or entertaining content linked to your industry.

Photography: Jack Gray. 

If you would like to find out more about Matt and his work, please visit www.themattjohnson.co.uk. Meanwhile, see who else we work with here.