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How to choose the best Google Ad keywords for your next campaign


How to choose the best Google Ad keywords for your next campaign

When creating your Google Ad, there are a few different factors to consider when targeting your audience, such as consumer location, demographic and even the type of ad and where it’s going to be placed. However, the most important thing to consider is keywords. These are the words you give to Google to help it find the right audience for your ads. Choosing the right Google Ad keywords is essential in not only targeting the right people but ensuring you’re reaching full optimisation on your ads.

Google Ads are a valuable option for any business; big or small. They allow you to put your business directly in front of your customers. Google Ads are PPC (pay per click), which means that you are only paying for the ads users are clicking on, meaning you get your money’s worth with your advertising.

Here are some tips for choosing the right keywords for your next campaign:

Target and be specific.

Google Ads is based on a bidding system, meaning the higher bidders get a higher placement on the search engine. You want to reduce your competition, which means being more specific and avoiding more broad keywords. Google offers a great keyword generator (or you can use a tool like Semrush) to help you choose the right and most effective keywords to help lead potential customers to your website.

Using more broad terms may lead to more traffic, but these users are less likely to convert into customers, meaning you’ll be paying more for your ads and see an increase in cost too.

Consider Google keyword matching.

Keyword matching gives you the option of how specific you want your Google Ad keywords to be matched. Ranging from broad matching (the default setting that triggers your ad if any word related to your keywords is searched) to exact match (that only triggers your ad if a user searches an exact keyword or phrase from your ad). There are a few options between these, meaning you can choose how specific or broad your ad is.

Think like your customers.

What do you think your potential customers search for when they’re looking for your services/products? Consider what problems your product/service solves and what questions or key phrases people use when Googling a solution.

Link to your ad.

Google is getting smarter by the day and it’s always on the search for quality for its users. Therefore, it’s essential that your Google Ad keywords are directly relevant to what is written in your ad. The better quality your ad is, the more successful it will be in attracting customers, and not just traffic.

Exclude negative words.

Once your ad is up and running and has been for a short while, you are able to see your ad’s progress. In these results, you are also able to see what the more popular searches are which means you can alter your ad based on what works better and is more effective. At this point, it’s essential that you are going through and taking out any keywords that aren’t relevant to your product or service. This helps to refine your ad and reduce the number of people clicking on your ad who aren’t potential customers.

Consider different variations of your Google Ad keywords.

When inputting your keywords, consider all the different ways you can word your product/services. This can even include common misspellings of certain keywords or phrases. Consider different locations, Americanisms and colloquialisms when adding keywords to ensure your ads are reaching all your potential customers.

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