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How To Get Your Website Ready For Christmas


How To Get Your Website Ready For Christmas

It’s no secret that eCommerce is an increasingly vital part of our everyday lives; and part of that, of course – is Christmas. Last year in the UK, online retail sales made up over 20% of all festive spending; so, if you’re still feeling a bit bah-humbug; here are a few simple website changes that could get you a share of that spending. 


The earliest and most recognisable part of Christmas is often the decorations. No matter how many arguments they might instigate; they’re up every year, and are a universally recognisable symbol for Christmas.

While adding a Santa hat to your logo might be a little cliché; consider a few changes to make your site feel festive. 

For colour; festive hues, or warmer tones make a difference; and if you list purchasable products, update product photos. If time won’t stretch that far, add a festive image to your homepage. Fairy lights, gift-wrap, or a sprig of holly can make your website feel a little more Christmas-ready; and suitable, beautiful photos are readily available on sites like Unsplash

Responsive design. 

We’ve spoken before about the necessity of responsive design, but it’s true. With mobile ordering rising to 54% last Christmas; it’s vital that your website is not only mobile-ready – but responsive to a growing number of screen sizes – and capable of handling that extra traffic. 

If speed is on the slow side; reduce unnecessary photos and products over the Christmas period. It’s a quick and simple way to increase site effectivity. And, if you want to be really clever – make sure you track the traffic; it’s easy preparation for 2020. 

Christmas copy. 

If you want to cash-in on Christmas traffic, good copy is essential. It’s a simple way to achieve SEO; so brainstorm the terms your clients will be searching, and make sure they’re on your website. 

Don’t overthink it. Searches for the word ‘gift’ peak every December, so a gift menu, or a sentence labelling a product as such is a fool-proof way to get a share of those searches. 


The most important aspect of your website over Christmas is the checkout. If it doesn’t work, is clumsy, or slow; you risk losing your customer – and there are plenty of other businesses waiting to pick up extra trade.  

Increased traffic means increased competition, and it would be a shame to fall at the final hurdle; so make sure your checkout is simple and seamless. Cut unnecessary text, and consider a ‘checkout as guest’ option for new customers. This way, customers don’t have to remember the name of their first pet, or create a complicated password just to checkout. 

Abandoned cart emails are also an incredibly effective way to retain distracted customers; giving mums on the school-run, busy millennials, or forgetful Grandparents a reminder to press that final button. 

Update your info.

If nothing else, make sure the information on your website is updated and accurate. Offers and promotions should be relevant, and Christmas opening times, or last dates for delivery should take pride of place on your website. Active sites rank higher in search engines, so it’s worth the hassle; and don’t make clients scroll to get the information they need – they’ll only get bored and move on. 

Make sure your contact details are equally prominent, and consider extending the hours you’re available. If you’re working late, your customers will be too, so take inspiration from retailers who offer late-night shopping. An extra hour or two a week might be what puts you above your competitors, and you’ll be surprised at the difference it can make.

If you have any questions about your website, please do get in touch with a member of our team.