How to Design in 2018 – 10 Tips

How to Design in 2018 – 10 Tips

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Here’s what to look forward to in the design world for the rest of 2018. 

  1. Bold colour.

We saw a tremendous flood of bright colour in 2017 with an increasing number of brands becoming braver and opting for fluoro shades and clashing tones.

This year, the trend continues and our top tip would be to use your core brand hue as a backdrop for posters, graphics and web design.


  1. Geometric.

Geometric is fast becoming a go-to in both graphic design and typography. A breath of fresh air from the overused Helvetica, a geometric-style font conveys clarity, simplicity and honesty, whilst still having an air of distinction surrounding it.

Meanwhile, geometric patterns are also being used more frequently to create complexity and excitement in flat and minimalist design.  


  1. Vibrant Gradients.

Colour transitions have been a staple of design for the past few years and we’re sure that they will continue to develop throughout 2018. Expect to see a rise in this design trend as artists combine gradients with intense colours, diverse textures and dual tone effects.


  1. Hand-drawn.

Illustrative pieces add a personal touch to branding and marketing in a world that is saturated by screens and polished graphics. There’s just something about hand-drawn art that brings about a sense of nostalgia and character, empowering businesses to stand out on advertisement-heavy social media platforms.


  1. Parallax.

Adding depth to what otherwise might be a 2D, lacklustre design can truly bring your products or services to life, whether this is on a website or app. Layering foreground and background elements in an intriguing way creates the appearance of a three-dimensional space that captivates the viewer.


  1. 3D.

On the same note, 3D modelling is sure to be huge this year and beyond. We seem to be slowly but surely peeling ourselves away from flat design with the help of innovative and immersive technology, such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

3D graphics with smooth finishes and surfaces, accompanied by clever lighting will undoubtedly make your work pop.


  1. White Space.

White space enables us to communicate a clear message with little distraction to the reader. We don’t see this contemporary trend dying out anytime soon. It allows your audience a bit of breathing space from the abundance of noisy marketing tactics in their day-to-day lives.


  1. Breaking the Grid.

Historically, elements of design have been concealed to their own area on a page or screen. In an attempt to break the mould, artists are now frequently overlapping sections in unique ways to achieve a distinctive, modern style that makes a mark.


  1. User Interface and User Experience.

With UI and UX ruling the roost in web design, complex systems and excess branding are going to become less common throughout the next twelve months. Users want to be able to navigate websites and applications with ease and avoid unnecessary content. With this in mind, we’re putting more of a focus on streamlining the core assets of a brand, whilst retaining their individuality.


  1. Responsive logos.

As functionality comes to the forefront, logos too must be adaptive and responsive on all devices. Nowadays, most people access information and entertainment via their mobile phones and tablets and this calls for multiple versions of a brands logo in order to accommodate changing screen sizes.

Which design trend are you most looking forward to seeing or working with during 2018?[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]