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How To Choose A Timeless Font


How To Choose A Timeless Font

As any designer knows, typography is important. Making the right choice when it comes to fonts can truly make all the difference to your design.

We’ve rounded up some of our best tips for selecting the right typeface.

1. Keep the number of fonts to a minimum.

Less is most definitely more when it comes to the number of fonts you should use in your design. We’d recommend a maximum of three; too many different styles can be extremely distracting for the reader, as well as making your piece look unprofessional and lack structure. Pick your favourites and stick to them.

2. Avoid fancy or ‘on trend’ fonts.

Although it’s tempting to use the most popular font of the moment, we would advise that you avoid fancy fonts that may look dated in a few months time. There’s nothing worse than seeing something that uses a font that was ‘hot’ two years ago, and most people can tell. These fonts can be used in timed campaigns or seasonal design which has a short lifespan, but for branding or long-lasting projects, stick to the classics.

Meanwhile, if you are searching for the perfect font for web design, you may want to choose a standard font that is supported across all platforms and devices.

3. Instead, choose a classic design.

Alternatively, opt for a typeface that has stood the test of time and that will be loved for years to come. This ensures that your work has longevity and feels timeless.

Our favourite classic fonts are:

Sans Serif:

Akzidenz Grotesk



Bell Gothic


Gill Sans



Franklin Gothic







Proxima Nova


Trade Gothic



Bickham Script








Mrs. Eaves


4. Ensure the typeface works well in all sizes.

Nowadays, people access information about products and services on various different devices with changeable screen sizes. This means that the fonts you use online must work in all sizes and resolutions.

Usability and functionality is a core necessity when it comes to web design, so be sure to select fonts that are legible even on the tiniest of screens. For example, cursive script is beautiful, but it is quite difficult to read on a phone.

5. Pair fonts like a pro.

If you do decide to go for more than one font, make sure they fit together.

Avoid using two Serifs or two Sans Serifs, it’s better to choose one of each. Mixing two very similar fonts only looks sloppy to the casual viewer. It is also good practice to choose two fonts with the same ‘X’ height. Our eyes like contrast, so pick two stunning typefaces that compliment each other.

For example, some of our favourite typography pairings are:

Helvetica Neue & Garamond

Souvenir & Futura Bold

Bodoni Bold & Brandon Grotesque

Six Caps & Montserrat

Audrey & Gill Sans

Need a hand on what fonts to use? Get in touch with our talented team of creatives and we can help you out.