In January, we rounded up some of our predictions for the year’s most popular trends. From geometric shapes and vibrant gradients to broken grids and enhanced user interfaces, it’s always exciting to see our discipline evolve and grow as technology develops.

With the new year just around the corner, we thought we’d take a look at some of our favourite web design trends of 2018.

The rise of curves and soft shadows.

Pretty much all of the big players (we’re looking at you Google and Twitter) have continued to move away from sharp edges and right angles in their designs. Opting for smooth, organic, rounded shapes and soft shadows to improve usability and functionality.

Twitter Material Design Example - Rounded Edges

Twitter’s dialogue boxes just keep getting rounder.

More micro animation and interactions.

Websites and apps are no longer static and now move with the user as they scroll, swipe and select elements. Combining fun animation with user interface enhances user experience, making your product a lot more engaging.

Take this example of an animated login form. The Yeti follows you as you input your email address and blocks its eyes when you enter your password.

Meanwhile, we also love this moving design that brings a simple about page to life for the user.

Molley Heltz Inspiration Page Animation by Zhenya Rynzhuk for Sochnik

Molley Heltz Inspiration Page Animation by Zhenya Rynzhuk for Sochnik

Colours, textures and gradients.

Colour transitions and gradients also played a huge role in design throughout 2018, allowing brands to stand out from the crowd.

The iPhone X used multi-colour gradients in many of its landing pages and promotional campaigns.

iPhone X Gradients

Playful illustration.

We’ve already spoken in-depth about the prominence of hand-drawn illustrations in web design in this blog post.

What we love about this design technique is the sense of character they bring to a brand. Whilst stock photos can be powerful to convey simple messages, unique sketches can truly tap into your audiences subconsciousness and bring about feelings of nostalgia.

Companies, such as Shopify, Slack and Dropbox, have all embraced the power of the pencil in 2018.

Broken and asymmetrical grids.

More and more web designers are moving away from the fixed grid and breaking the mould to welcome asymmetrical layouts. By overlapping elements, you can create a distinctive design that conveys large amounts of information quickly to the user.

This is great news for those businesses who want to pack a punch at first glance of their website.

3D images.

As the digital world becomes increasingly lifelike, it’s only natural that traditionally ‘flat’ designs begin to harness the potential of 3D imagery and animation.

3D graphics are a great way to make products pop and entice your target audience, especially when they are viewing your site on a mobile device – it appears as if your product is already in their hands and what business wouldn’t want that?

Mount Roucous 3D Image Website

Mount Roucous 3D Image Website

What have been your favourite web design trends this year? And, what are you looking forward to seeing more of in 2019? If you have any questions about how to make your website stand out from the rest, please do get in touch with us today.

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