DesignMeetup Details Announced

DesignMeetup Details Announced

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We’re proud to say that the DesignMeetup for September has now sold out and our speakers are gearing up for an insightful evening of discussion and debate.

Wednesday 19 September will see Jake Welsh, founder of Manchester-based, award-winning E3 Creative, and scientist Rob Lewis take to the C4DI stage as they discuss design, innovation and creativity.

Earlier this year, we got our heads together with the guys at TH3 Design Ltd and decided to launch a regular gathering of like-minded individuals and businesses who are passionate about design.

From this, DesignMeetup was born; aiming to connect, educate and support all sorts of creatives, including freelance designers, businesses, startups and anyone else who is fascinated by the subject.

Hull Design Meetup

Our core aim is to bring together and build a community of people who can share their ideas and knowledge about the industry.

“We’re extremely excited to welcome our attendees to the evening event. Everyone is welcome, whether you are a design veteran or completely new to the industry,” Matt Wildbore, Director of Mattix Design enthuses.

“It’s an opportunity to delve deeper into the value of design and learn something you perhaps haven’t come across before.”

Naturally, we’re thrilled to have the E3 team come across to Hull. They have quickly become known for their cutting-edge and groundbreaking work, designing a range of web and mobile application for many global brands, including Barclays, Sony and O2.

In the meantime, Rob is set to provide valuable insight into the science behind design. With over thirty years of experience in the healthcare industry, he now consults for a number of clients on innovation and product development.

“Designers and their creativity should be central to product development, not an afterthought,” he tells us.

“In my experience, product development teams are always hung up on what a product can do and how it will do it. However, I think there’s a real opportunity for any company who can bring aesthetic design and function to products in a meaningful way.”

Hull Design Meetup

The C4DI is a great space for collaboration and conversation, so we hope that our meet slots perfectly into the community’s busy schedule of events, including the monthly developer meet (CodePen) and Hardware Meetup.

We’re also excited to be working with the TH3 guys on this project. Tom and his team have won awards for their work and have over fifteen years of commercial experience behind them. They have worked with a number of high-profile companies, including the NHS, Domino’s Pizza, Citroën and Humberside Police.

The DesignMeetup is a place for everyone who loves design to get together and celebrate the art form, whether you’re into user interface and experience, or are more interested in graphic and print work.

Hull Design Meetup

In the future, we hope to organise a number of different activities during the event, such as interactive workshops and demonstrations. 

“We’ve already received such a positive response from individuals in and outside of the C4DI community – it’d be great to see you there,” Matt adds.

We’re now looking for sponsors and future speakers for our November events, so please get in touch if you would like to be involved.

To find out more please visit the DesignMeetup website. Meanwhile, please follow and use the hashtag #HullDesignMeetup to keep up to date with the latest news, speakers and discussions.