How Will Covid-19 Affect The Design Industry?

How Will Covid-19 Affect The Design Industry?

Covid-19 has affected everyone’s lives, so it’s inevitable that this will have an impact on the design and creative industries. 

At Mattix Design, we’re extremely lucky that we had the systems and processes already in place to be able to make a smooth transition to working from home. 

We already did a lot of our work remotely, whether it was working with clients or collaborating with other businesses and freelancers on projects.

However, we must admit that we’re missing the hustle and bustle of coworking life over at C4DI. 

Today, we thought we’d focus on some of the potentially positive ways in which the Covid-19 pandemic will impact our industry. 

Businesses are relying on digital more than ever. 

Digital has become the main way of communicating, with colleagues, customers, friends and family. 

A brand’s digital presence, through their website, social media and apps, has never been more crucial. 

During and after this pandemic, businesses should start to take a closer look at how they are communicating their key messages to customers online. 

  • Is our website up-to-date with the latest information?
  • Are we reaching the right people on social media?
  • Does our online presence reflect our culture as a company?

These questions were important before the pandemic, but now the main way that we’re communicating is online, they have taken on a new significance.

Remote working will become the norm.

As the lockdown came into full force, we saw businesses who had relied on physical office space for years – even decades – switch to remote working. 

It’s a step that many were taking before the pandemic; over the past few years, more and more businesses have adopted the cloud, started using digital collaboration tools and even introduced flexitime and home working. 

However, for some, March 2020 was the first time they had taken this leap into managing a remote team. 

As businesses settle into this new normal, getting used to video calling software, online project management tools and messaging platforms, the thought of working with agencies and freelancers outside of their building will seem a lot more achievable. 

Businesses will no longer feel limited to working with those who reside in the four walls of the office, and more brands will have the skills and capacity to collaborate with other companies and experts in their field. 

Brand messages will have to pivot. 

The approach to brand messaging and the way businesses market themselves has had to change since the start of the pandemic. 

Instead of continuing in “sell, sell sell” mode, brands must ensure everything they’re putting out has a sense of care and empathy. 

After all, whoever your customers are, their needs will have changed because of Covid-19. 

Customer spending habits, priorities and demands, whatever sector you’re in, will have been transformed during the lockdown. 

Telling your story through digital has never been more essential to a businesses’ future. 

These past few weeks have been hard for everyone, but we think Covid-19 could push us in the right direction to make businesses think differently in how they work with each other, with other companies and how they engage with their customers.

Do you need help with communicating with your customers online? Get in touch with us today.